Character Bios


Name: Aaron (Smalls)
Sex: Not yet, still trying
Age: 21
Job on the comic: Yes. Aaron is the creator, head writer, and "artist". And don't you forget it.
Status: Will you go out with me?
Hobbies: Roleplaying, miniature wargames, computer games, comic books, rock climbing, delusional thinking

Aaron has to be right. Doesn't matter the argument, he's convinced he's right the moment he jumps into it. Just ignore him and eventually he'll get bored and distracted, then wander off to play computer games.
Name: Jason
Sex: Sure, but I ain't paying more than $20
Age: Oh look, I can drink now!
Job on the comic: Co-writer. Jason is responsible for a lot of the material in the comic.
Status: Hey baby, how are YOU doing?
Hobbies: Roleplaying, miniature wargames, computer games, pirates, tacos and pizza, pretending he can pick up chicks

Level 60 Smartass, Jason shares a bedroom with the shorter Aaron and is his closest friend in San Diego. They're very much alike, except for the fact that one is fat and the other is stick thin.
Name: Sargon
Sex: Yes
Age: 22
Job on the comic: God. So he says. He also comes up with the comedy as a co-writer.
Status: Quo
Hobbies: I think I can, I think I can. Also World of Warcraft, and the amazing ability to socialize.

"I enjoy long walks on the beach, the soft sounds of the Backstreet Boys, watching your clothes fall on the ground."

Old Characters

Name: Aaron (Biggs)
Despite sharing a name, Biggs and Smalls are similar, but not alike. They're like Yin and Yang, with model trains in there somewhere. He's not that social, and remains a bit of a mystery to everyone, including the others in the apartment. He still rooms with Cameron and seems to be relatively sane.
Name: Cameron
Cameron is normal. Somehow, he hasn't gone insane through association. It is believed he compensates by being a complete jackass to his roommates and pointing out their failures. That and he's a damn good musician. And has a girlfriend. And nice hair.
Name: James
James is pretty normal. He's known Smalls for many years, and the others have accepted him because while Smalls doesn't play Halo, James does. He's very laid back, calm, and many theorize he smokes pot. Whether this is true or not, has never been decided because no one cares. He still hangs around, but not that much.

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